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On March 4, 2022 ranks of Korean celebrities in their efforts to support the beleaguered citizens of Ukraine under siege from the Russian invasion was joined by singer and actor Im Siwan (임시완). He has donated 20 million KRW (~16,400 USD) to the Ukrainian Embassy in Korea to aid Ukrainians in need.

Former ZE:A idol group member also posted a photo on his Instagram showing that he had booked a one month stay for a two-bedroom apartment in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. 
 Under the reservation, Siwan wrote, 
“Hello, I just booked your hotel for a month, and of course, I’m not gonna be visiting, hope you and the people in Kyiv to be safe.” 

This action was a part of worldwide “No Show” movement - a creative social media campaign to funnel money to besieged Ukrainians who need financial assistance as Russian forces bombard their country and cut off services. Buying an Airbnb lodging in Ukraine without the intention of visiting or staying has been a popular and indirect way of donating to the war-torn country and supporting its beleaguered citizens. 

PLUM A&C, Siwan’s agency, said 
“We are aware that Siwan took part in this “No Show” movement because he thought it was a good idea to participate.”  

On early March 2022 the idea has picked up momentum. People book AirBnB lodged in Ukraine in order to provide monetary support directly to residents. Airbnb hosts in Ukraine are being flooded with bookings from people all over the globe. On March 2 and March 3, guests from around the world booked more than 61,000 nights in Ukraine, according to an Airbnb spokesperson.  

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of my 'Korean Celebrities Supports Ukraine' series of posts is to show you, guys, that there are lots of people all around the world, in particular in Korea, people you may have never even heard of. But these people are not indifferent to Ukraine (although many of them haven't ever been in Ukraine or haven't even had a Wikipedia page in Ukrainian), they knows about your struggle and suffering, and they do care. We do care.

I've told this to my Ukrainian friends and I'm telling you all: whatever happens, Ukraine is not alone. You are not alone.

So you should not be discouraged, you should stay strong-willed and keep fighting for your freedom. Sure you will be victorious!

Glory to Ukraine and 대한 독립 만세!

To be continued...