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Singer and actor Yang Dong Geun (양동근) also has donated 10 million KRW (~8,200 USD) and a heartwarming drawing of his 6-year-old daughter Joy to Embassy of Ukraine on early March 2022.

Yang said, 
"I was shocked to see the face of a 6-year-old girl who died in Russian shelling on the news. I couldn’t concentrate on anything since I was so heartbroken all day long. I want to express my love and comfort to Ukrainian victims and their families.” 

 He also mentioned, 

"I’m still traumatized by the incident where my daughter almost died due to an accident at home when she was a baby. I know how hard it is to part from family members in a life-and-death situation in Ukraine. So it hit close to home.” 

It is also worth mentioning that Yang was enlisted for mandatory military service in May 2008 for 21 months of active duty. During that time he starred in Korea’s first army musical, Mine -  the true life story of lieutenant Lee Jong Myung, who lost his legs in a land mine explosion near the demilitarized zone, in June 2000, when he saved fellow soldier, Sul Dong Seob from the minefield.

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of my 'Korean Celebrities Supports Ukraine' series of posts is to show you, guys, that there are lots of people all around the world, in particular in Korea, people you may have never even heard of. But these people are not indifferent to Ukraine (although many of them haven't ever been in Ukraine or haven't even had a Wikipedia page in Ukrainian), they knows about your struggle and suffering, and they do care. We do care.

I've told this to my Ukrainian friends and I'm telling you all: whatever happens, Ukraine is not alone. You are not alone.

So you should not be discouraged, you should stay strong-willed and keep fighting for your freedom. Sure you will be victorious!

Glory to Ukraine and 대한 독립 만세!

To be continued...