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On March 7, 2022 actor Lee Kwang Ki (이광기) donated 30 million KRW (~24,500 USD) to the NGO World Vision to support Ukrainian children, who suffers from Russian invasion.

“I decided on this donation after thinking about how the danger and horrors that children are facing due to the situation in Ukraine are a different kind of pain to something we may endure too. I hope this donation will be of at least a little bit of help and I especially hope that even through this pain, the children who will carry our future do not lose hope,”

commented Lee Kwang Ki.
Such sensitive attitude of actor towards children is no surprise: in 2009 Lee Kwang Ki lost his 7-year old son, Seok Gyu, due to outbreak of swine flu, which was very heavy burden for their family.

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of my 'Korean Celebrities Supports Ukraine' series of posts is to show you, guys, that there are lots of people all around the world, in particular in Korea, people you may have never even heard of. But these people are not indifferent to Ukraine (although many of them haven't ever been in Ukraine or haven't even had a Wikipedia page in Ukrainian), they knows about your struggle and suffering, and they do care. We do care.

I've told this to my Ukrainian friends and I'm telling you all: whatever happens, Ukraine is not alone. You are not alone.

So you should not be discouraged, you should stay strong-willed and keep fighting for your freedom. Sure you will be victorious!

Glory to Ukraine and 대한 독립 만세!

To be continued...