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Former Korean Navy special warfare officer, lieutenant Yi Geun (이근) (also known as YouTube-star Ken Rhee), had joined the International Legion of the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces in early March, 2022 to defend Ukraine from Russian aggression.

Ken Rhee was born in Korea, but raised in the United States. He attended the Virginia Military Institute and planned to join the US Navy SEALS, but his father - a Korean patriot - convinced his son to return to Korea to enlist.

He served for seven years, undergoing both US and Korean SEAL training and doing multiple stints in war zones in Somalia and Iraq before leaving to set up a defence consultancy. Ken Rhee was a lieutenant in the Korean Navy’s Naval Special Warfare Flotilla, also known as UDT/SEAL, until his discharge in 2014. He is now a military consultant and operates his YouTube channel Rokseal

In late February, 2022 ex-special warfare officer signed up at the Ukrainian Embassy in Seoul the moment President Volodymyr Zelensky asked for global volunteers. Video of deployment to Ukraine: part 1 and part 2.

"You're walking down the beach and you see a sign by the water saying 'no swimming' - but you see someone drowning. It's a crime not to help. That's how I see it," 

he told AFP
He arrived in Ukraine in early March, 2022 to participate in defending Ukraine from Russian aggression. 

 "I think it's pretty obvious who the good guys are and who the bad guys are," 

he said of Russia and Ukraine. 

"I have been receiving full support from the Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian people, and the Ukrainians are united in expressing their deep gratitude for the contribution made by the International Legion",

said Ken Rhee.

He is convinced that Korea should be supporting Ukraine just like the whole world was once helping Korea in its war against communists. 
Interview with Lt. Ken Rhee on SOFREP.

It is also worth mentioning that logo of Ken Rhee's consulting company - ROKSEAL - is the trident (just like Ukrainian National Emblem).

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of my 'Korean Celebrities Supports Ukraine' series of posts is to show you, guys, that there are lots of people all around the world, in particular in Korea, people you may have never even heard of. But these people are not indifferent to Ukraine (although many of them haven't ever been in Ukraine or haven't even had a Wikipedia page in Ukrainian), they knows about your struggle and suffering, and they do care. We do care.

I've told this to my Ukrainian friends and I'm telling you all: whatever happens, Ukraine is not alone. You are not alone.

So you should not be discouraged, you should stay strong-willed and keep fighting for your freedom. Sure you will be victorious!

Glory to Ukraine and 대한 독립 만세!

To be continued...